The Sacramento Bee

“Ya Make it So Hard to Sing the Blues,” the opening track on Katie Knipp’s smoldering new record “Take it With You,” is aptly titled. Rife with her soul-churned croons, Knipp’s fifth album feels forged by an intensive and at times raw labor of love — one meticulously fawned over to ensure the proper balance between gritty, slippery Dobro and harp-driven blues and vintage nightclub jazz — with the results alluringly reflective of each bead of sweat poured out to complete it. Knipp and her band (Neil Campisano, Zack Proteau and Brett Vaughn Rechtfertig) hold their CD release party at 9 p.m. with the Sextones to follow at 10:30. $10.  -Aaron Davis




Roots Music Report

Charting number 33 in top 50 contemporary blues albums

No Depression Magazine

"Finally, an album truly worth taking with you."

Review "Katie Knipp has the voice of Janis Joplin and the power of Aretha Franklin, combined with a killer group of musicians that know how to rock.  Her version of blues is raw and gritty, and she’s comfortable with a myriad of musical influences in her underlying soundtrack.  The heavy use of resonator guitar on the first track and a climatic bass line on the second track announce to the world that this lady can sing any style she wants.  There isn’t a weak track on the album, and quite frankly, this one is the perfect candidate for the repeat button."

Recommendation "You need this one in your collection, so go out and Get it."

Capital Public Radio NPR

Insight Music

Vents Magazine

"Katie Knipp is about as real as one can get.  She's the real deal and what she sings about is the real deal.  Life was meant to be written about and Katie has channeled music to be her yarn spinner.  Her new album "Take it With You" is the mix your turntable is looking for."

see full interview article on page 117

Music Matters Magazine

"There is something sumptuously delicious about a woman who can play guitar. Now put a dobro slide and a raw blues/country/jazz/rock/psycho fusion vocal with it and you have something special. Having hit Billboard Heatseekers with the pre-order sales of her new album ‘Take It With You’, her album then debuted at number ten on the Billboard Blues Music Album Chart. It is sure to say that Katie Knipp has what it takes! Her sass, talent, and skills have taken her music to the next level."

Submerge Magazine, cover feature

"Determined not to let anything stand in the way of her dreams, Katie Knipp became an expert in finding nontraditional ways to further her career in music.  From ducking into her high school's band room during lunch breaks to teach herself piano, to living a double life that connected her with the blues and allowed her to express herself outside of the strict world of operatic education, if there's something Knipp wants to check off her list, she will" -Ronnie Cline (read full interview article via link above)

Blues Magazine

(Translated from Dutch)

Short Social Media Post Version:

"Ya make it so hard to sing the blues may be the opening number of Katie Knipp's new album ' take it with you ', nothing is less true. Supported by a raging dobro slide, it's easy to hear the opposite. But yes, in the blues, of course, it's always about things that are difficult, problems and trouble. Katie Knipp strong vocal cords, which she likes to address at full strength every now and then. By the way, don't be fooled by the cover This isn't a cowgirl and she certainly doesn't sing like a kitten to handle without gloves. Beautiful Blues of a dito lady."

Full Article:

 "Ya Make It So Hard To Sing The Blues may be the opening song of Katie Knipp 's new album ' Take It With You', nothing is less true. Supported by a screeching dobro slide, she easily shows the opposite. You Make It Easy To Sing The blues would be a better title of track 1. But yes, in the blues it is always about things that are difficult, problems and trouble. 
In the next issue - I Do not Sing for You- she opens her throat again, to say that she does not want to sing for 'you'. Heavy pounding drums and sharp guitars leave no doubt: Knipp really does not want to sing for you. So she sings not so much ahead as she is about someone. With her interpretation of the blues she is similar to Daniele Nicole , a lady who can also perform so wonderfully. Another similarity with Nicole is the scarce and therefore very intrusive instrumentation. 
The letters ( Letters ) she received do not sound very cheerful to her, given the complaining and lingering nature of this song. By this time, after three songs, Knipp is already deep under your skin and will not let you go. And then there is suddenly the Metro In Paris, in which she tries to seduce you especially to go with her and to give her the opportunity "... to treat you nice" . The bar-piano underlines her plan ... 
As said, Katie Knipp has strong vocal chords , which she likes to speak at full speed every now and then. I Will Stick Around , she sings longingly and you would just believe it. Katie Knipp makes thickly applied electric guitar blues, often slow, always penetrating. The uptempo nieendalletjes Get Outta My Dream and Santa Cruz Blues are her forgive as far as I'm concerned. There is enough credible blues opposite, In Another Round even an old-fashioned New Orleans blues with blaring horns and pumping piano.
Do not be fooled by the cover photo. This is not a cowgirl and she certainly does not sing like a kitten without gloves. In Last Man Out she crawls out of the speakers for a while, to sing you up close. The musicians help her again effectively. Less is better, as is shown here again. 
Beautiful blues album of a ditto lady."

BANGS Music and Entertainment Magazine

"First is always new and mostly the best. 
First is what Katie Knipp portrays in her exceptional music and complete discography. 
First, as she defined in delightful ‘Get into my life’ and the ‘Time’ off her Midnight Mind. 
First as ‘Waiting for life to begin’ as it is ‘Nice to meet you’.
"With over 20 years of experience as a musician and singer/songwriter, Katie Knipp continues to demonstrate just how her music is first in its class. Her future album release is soon at hand for you as ‘Take It With You’ will be available November 7th (PreOrder in the links below). Her first song from this album, ‘I Don’t Sing For You’ is stunning. It showcases her vocal development and her ability to take ownership in the vein that courses the country blues sounds.
Listening to Katie's new album showcases a complete resurgence of a professional solo artist who offers many crossover genres. Her new album is truly a fantastic measure of heartfelt New Orleans jazz/blues and a touch of the heartland country warmth. The album deals with love on many different levels. 
Katie's boogie-woogie piano, slide guitar, and powerful vocals are a blend of honest and true music. Along with her powerful vocals, 'Take It With You' is certain to be one of the most sought-after albums for years to come. 
Katie Knipp's new album 'Take It With You' shows she is again first and creating music magic.
BANGS! Gives 'Take It With You' 4 out 5 BANGS!"

CD Baby Review

"A young Elvis was asked who do you sound like? His reply..." I don't sound like nobody". The same could be said for Katie and this stellar recording. This is a woman with the rarest of gifts...her own voice. And this album is full of elegant, spare production, great songs and playing and that voice! It touches all the root bases of American music. I hate to call it Americana because this is not generic Americana. It is much more. So good to have some new music to listen to! This one has legs. You can listen to it again and again and it continues to reveal itself. Buy it. Support real music. You won't be sorry."- Larry Otis, musician 

The Women's International Music Network

"Katie Knipp just released her new album Take It With You which debuted at #10 on Billboard’s Blues Album Chart AND ranked #9 on Heat Seekers Pacific Chart- simultaneously. That is stellar considering she is an indie artist whose album is self-released."

Kill The Music

See interview here

Music Existence

"Katie Knipp is an acclaimed, multifaceted blues rock musician hailing from northern California. Honing her indie craft since the late 90s, the singer/songwriter’s solo act transcends such stature. Poignant as it is undeterred, Knipp has thus earned a host of slots opening for the greats – everyone from Robert Cray, to The Doobie Brothers, to Jon Cleary. Her latest album, Take It with You, is a testament to her assiduous work ethic, as it reached #10 on Billboard’s blues chart as well as #9 on the Heatseekers pacific chart, both feats essentially occurring at the same time.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Katie to discuss her formative musical experience, the processes behind her new album, and, among other things, how parenthood has come to benefit her outlook on life."  full interview via weblink

"Katie Knipp released her new album "Take It With You" today (November 7th) and to celebrate we asked her to tell us about the song "Metro In Paris". Here is the story:

While in Paris for the first time a few years ago, I decided to get on the metro during their rush hour. It was a total and complete sardine can. Bodies just smashed up against each other, no eye contact, no small talk, no nothing except for that total claustrophobic, space invaded feeling.

So I decided to turn the story around and make it a sexy dance. It could borderline on a little "baby it's cold outside" forced upon affection, but it sure was fun to write. I feel extra sultry and flirty while performing it.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!"

KZFR radio, Chico

"Katie Knipp is the future of the blues.  Her dynamic vocals, slide guitar, and killer keyboard playing make her a must see."

The Moshville Times

Featured band of the day interview

The Median Man Blog

“Ya Make It So Hard To Sing The Blues,” is a barnstormer, coming in with some roaring vocals, the story is weaved, and the good times are welcomed in with the slide and the beat, welcome to the journey. “I Don’t Sing For You,” is Zeppelin mixed with Janis, and boy does it beat the listener down and build them back up again. This is perfection. “Letters,” slow and reflective. The guitars drone, and the vocals weave the story again, the protagonist is stuck and the feelings are coming out. “Metro In Paris,” old fashioned shuffle, with that rag time feel, brilliantly executed. “I Will Stick Around,” the anthem of the album, a belter on a piano with soaring vocals.

“Come Back,” is another barnstormer, of old school blues, winding its way down and bringing it back up, and then dancing through the melodies. “Get Outta My Dream,” is another interesting take, weaving through the fields and bringing some serious energy to the fore. “Santa Cruz Blues,” is old time blues as it was meant to be, filled with distorted rhythms and heartbreak galore. “Another Round,” a good old fashioned drinking song and one that is sure to get people moving when performed live. “Last Man Out,” finishes things off nicely, with some old school bluesy melodies.

Three Songs and Out Review Webzine

"I strongly suspect that this album will become beloved by people who love Katie’s voice, I can understand why, great songs sung with passion and commitment." -Lain McClay on the review of "Take it With You"

XS Rock

Interview by Bobby Caughron can be read here:

100% Rock Magazine

"According to a recent press release: “Northern California Blues Americana Singer / Songwriter KATIE KNIPP has announced the release of her long anticipated, 5th album, Take it With You. Due out November 7, Take it With You features Neil Campisano on drums, Zack Proteau on bass, and Brett Vaughn Rechtfertigon guitar while Katie sings and plays various instruments including piano, slide dobro guitar, and harmonica.” We get Katie to discuss new music, influences, and much more…"

see interview here:

Guitar Girl Magazine

News Feature

Northern California Blues Americana Singer / Songwriter KATIE KNIPP has announced the release of her long anticipated, 5th album, Take it With You. Due out November 7, Take it With You features Neil Campisano on drums, Zack Proteau on bass, and Brett Vaughn Rechtfertig on guitar while Katie sings and plays various instruments including piano, slide dobro guitar, and harmonica.

Anima Jazz & Blues Fires

In episode # 208 of "BLUES FIRES", conceived and conducted by BRUNO POLLACCI , aired FRIDAY November 2 at 20.30 on PUNTO RADIO, also in immediate podcast on and streaming on www.puntoradio .fm, will be protagonists, in order, the following artists: 
1- PHIL GUY - CD "It's a Real Mutha (1985-1986)" - 2009 - "Good Thing"; 1st picture on the left 
2- THE DEREK TRUCKS BAND - "Already Free" CD - "Down in the flood" (2009); 1st picture on the right 
3- TERESA JAMES - "Here In Babylon" CD - "Head Up, Heart Open" 2018; 1st picture 1st row under 
4-KATIE KNIPP - CD "Take It With You" - "Do not Sing for You" 2018; 3rd photo 1st row below
5- REGGIE STORM - "Walk the Red Carpet" CD - "Do not Care Blues" (2018); 2nd photo 1st row under 
6- ROGER HURRICANE WILSON - "Live at Madlife-Woodstock" CD - "Hurricane Blues"; 3rd photo 2nd row under 
7- THE BUSH LEAGUE - "James Rivah" CD - "Catfish Blues"; 1st picture 2nd row under 
8- AYNSLEY LISTER - "Everything I Need" CD - "Everything I Need" (2006); 2nd picture 2nd row under 
9- ICE CREAM MEN - "Guitar Collection 13" CD - "Eddie's Boogie"; 1st photo 3rd row below

Recall that "BLUES FIRES" you can listen to FRIDAY at 8.30 pm streaming on and in immediate podcast on and it will be possible to download from the site of "Animajazz", podcasts area. Good listening. "BLUES FIRES" in collaboration with the ACCADEMIA D'ARTE DI PISA, Pisa.

ABIK Radio

"Katie Knipp - Take It with You
"Blues Americana siren Katie Knipp’s 5th studio album takes you on various sonic journeys with her distinct powerful vocals, slide dobro guitar, boogie woogie piano, and world class musicians that further support her unique songs. Some would say she has a Kill Bill inner core with a Dolly Parton outer shell. Others will say she’ll take ya from psycho to Mardi Gras with a bunch of feels in between. Listen for yourself and enjoy the ride." 

Overdrive Music Magazine

Music News feature



The Daily Country

Music News


The Fox Theatre Redwood City

Robert Cray Band with opener Katie Knipp


Katie Knipp is Opener for the evening.  Northern California Blues Americana Artist Katie Knipp is equipped with powerful vocals and plays a variety of instruments from boogie woogie piano to slide guitar, to honest harmonica laden stories in between.  Her raw solo act captures audiences hearts from her first notes.  Currently in the studio with her 5th album, her sound has been compared to Bonnie Raitt, Joss Stone, Tori Amos and what the late Taz Digregorio of the Charlie Daniels band once said, “Dylan in a Dress!”

Sacramento News and Review

Nominated for Best Blues Artist 2017.  Cast your vote by 5/29/17 by clicking here

Sacramento News and Review

"The Heart Miners create a bluesy torch-style sound that combines dark bass-clef heavy piano licks with flourishes of slide guitar.  Knipp's vocals punch through all of these numerous layers with Joss Stone-esque soul power and vibrato."

Hard Garden Studios

"At first listen you'll immediately wonder how such a present & gritty voice, pounding piano lines & razor-sharp slide guitar can all emanate from a performer so delicate in appearance. Katie Knipp is a seasoned performer who will take you by surprise from note one & continue that musical journey down roads you'll not soon forget.  Equally dextrous on both piano & dobro, Katie's 'big' voice serves as the guide through solo performances & full band rhetoric with her current group 'The Heart Miners.' With songwriting styles ranging from dusty blues & pounding rock n' roll to delicate, ambling ballads, her message speaks clear: she's here for your attention."

The Sacramento Bee

"Darker material suits Knipp's sultry voice and blues-tinged songs."

CBS Sacramento

"One of the best female musicians in Sacramento"


Sacramento’s bluesy singer-songwriter Katie Knipp played Harlows tonight and it was good. Really good. The crowd was enthusiastic and you could tell Katie was having a great time. This show was with her full band, and they served her well. All were good musicians, though the lead guitarist stood out in the mix and his fills and playing complimented her vocals. She performed a little over an hour, mostly original songs but a few covers including Summertime, Come Together, and Folsom Prison Blues. Her takes on the first two of those were close to the originals but with her own feel too, with Come Together being a standout. The original songs were a sturdy mixture from her four CDs, including a nice song for her mother written about her recovery form cancer. The songs from the latest CD were strong and stood out in their live renditions. We should mention that this show was the CD release event for her fourth and latest, an EP this time.

Sacramento Blues Society

"Piano and dobro playing that is sweet and soulful"

Rootstime, Belgium

"In the bed of her languorous, slightly drawling voice, she lets herself drift on the emotion of the moment. Katie Knipp has a knack for sad music to sound consoling."

Shure Inc.

"A big THANK YOU to Katie Knipp for helping demo our mics at the AES convention!"

N Magazine

"Be sure to check out this up and coming star!"

Sacramento Talent Magazine

(Biography/photo feature on pages 114-115)

Billboard World Song Contest

Awarded Honorable Mention for the songs "Brother" and "Eyes Like Birds"

Sacramento Bee

"With a voice that ranges from smoky blues to smokin' rock, Sacramento newcomer Katie Knipp is a delight to hear. The fact that she writes her own material – and it's really good – makes the whole package even stronger. Knipp has a degree in vocal music from Cal State Hayward and has sung backup for Barry Manilow and has opened for the Doobie Brothers, among others. Recently relocated to Sacramento, she said she wanted this introductory concert at Harlow's to be "extra special." It also will celebrate the release of her third CD, "Midnight Mind." To check out some sound clips and videos, visit her website:" Read more:

Radio Voce Spazio, Italy

"Reminding me of the best days of Bonnie Raitt although the voice is different and you can write very good songs indeed. "Midnight Mind" has been a big and very pleasant surprise to me and I surely play it a lot on my radio show."

Whisperin and Hollerin Magazine, Ireland

"Katie's voice is a joy to hear in a world where so many contemporary female singers rush for 'ethereality' like lemmings at a cliff. Katie has no truck with 'ethereal', she's far too gutsy for that and she's one of the best Roots-related voices I've heard since Amy Speace." (Full Article Below)

Dream Magazine, review of latest album "Midnight Mind"

"Bluesy singer songwriting young woman with a voice more mature than her years."

Sacramento Indie Music Examiner

"A voice from the gut, resonant with singers like Janis Joplin and Maria Muldaur" (Full article below)

Alt-Country Forum, The Netherlands

"Blood curdling ballads with balls" (Full article below)

New Artist Radio

"It is as heartfelt and true a collection of songs as you could hope to hear, while the writing and musicianship stand out from the crowd."

Charlie Daniels Band

"Hot Damn! It's Dylan in a dress!" after seeing the performance of "Quiet Hell" off her latest dvd

Performance Enhancement Coach for Metallica

"Aside from her God-given talent, Katie is separated from the rest with her distinctive sound and insatiable passion to succeed."

Pacific Sun Magazine

"Katie is dynamite on both piano and guitar."

Ukiah Daily Journal

"She's one of the most dynamic singers and band leaders in the country right now."

The North Bay Bohemian

Voted Number One Band in all of Marin County for 2005 and 2006

San Francisco Herald

...“Katie Knipp is another chick with a guitar strapped to her wailing into a microphone, except she is really, really good. Quite a range on her pipes.”

19 Broadway Nightclub

“…one of the most dynamic and exciting live performers with great hooks and a tight band."

Lommori Productions

“…if you’ve never seen Katie Knipp perform, you’re in for a real treat. One of my favorite bands."

Going Out Magazine

…“Keep a lookout for her. Katie Knipp. She's got a voice that'll knock your head off. With love.”

Rootstime, Belgium (full article)

(Review of "Midnight Mind", translated from Dutch) The talented Katie Knipp from Northern California can sing, play piano and write. The inspiration for her songs are plucked from her own life and those of others. With her soulful vocals, it invests mainly in the emotion of the song, the intimate piano accompaniment provides additional emotion. She has been playing piano since she was fifteen and she chose the uncertainty of a musical study beyond that of medicine. She can now boast a bachelor's degree in vocal music, but also self-taught on guitar. After her previous "Take Her Down" from 2005 was "Midnight Mind" her third studio album, although only thirty-four minutes, clearly the quality prevails. The ten songs are imbued with an intense feeling of passion. It is as if she crawls in each song reliving a song lyric. In the bed of her languorous, slightly drawling voice, she lets herself drift on the emotion of the moment. Sometimes they are accompanied by harmonica, like on "Time" and the bluesy "Get In My Life 'it alternates with dobro. Her voice sometimes recalls Laura Nyro, Tori Amos, or even to Martha Wainwright. Especially the songs with delicate piano create a melancholy late night atmosphere which is hard to resist. In the poignant "Hurricane," "Eyes Like Birds" or the beautiful 'Someonewherelse "when you're lured to a candle lit cafe where the dark night is lonely and collecting angels banished from paradise. Katie Knipp writes music that lingers between poppy soul and jazz. Only "Release" sounds slightly more vibrant and 'Heavy Heart', her passionate piano playing. Drummer Andrew Griffin and bassist Nathan Hoehner accompany her on her personal journey in which she seems to escape in the beauty of melody and the sound of the piano keys. A gem as the sad "Brother" seems as if a kind of spell to relieve the pain. Once again the scars of songs that can soothe the soul. Katie Knipp has a knack for sad music to sound consoling.

Whisperin' and Hollerin' magazine

Review: 'KNIPP, KATIE' 'MIDNIGHT MIND' - Label: 'Self-Released' - Genre: 'Alt/Country' - Release Date: '2010' Our Rating: The Roots-related singer/ songwriter genre is getting mighty crowded these days, so a young performer needs to have something special to elbow the competition out of the way and leapfrog the queue. On the basis of her album 'Midnight Mind', Californian singer/songwriter KATIE KNIPP has several such ploys ready to go and she executes them to perfection on this quality-first recording. The first ace is her relationship with her (very) creaky old grand piano. It forms the melodic bedrock of many of the album's best tracks – not least the predatory, Bad Seeds-y 'Hurricane' and the stately 'Sunday' – and its' eerie, cracked feel soon sets it apart from anything else I've heard of late. The second is Katie's voice and it's a joy to hear in a world where so many contemporary female singers rush for 'ethereality' like lemmings at a cliff. Katie has no truck with 'ethereal', she's far too gutsy for that and she's one of the best Roots-related voices I've heard since Amy Speace. She's especially effective on tracks like the provocative folk-blues of 'Release' and the truly remarkable 'Get In My Life': a full-blooded Mississippi Delta blues which is closer to Lightnin' Hopkins in feel that anything contemporary. Thirdly, Katie clearly has an ear for collaboration, most specifically with the rhythm section who form her tight-knit trio combo sound here. The guys in question, bassist Nathan Hoehner and drummer Andrew Griffin are ceaselessly inventive, rolling with the punches and setting up slow and determined grooves on tracks like the weathered and redemptive 'Quiet Hell' (which has an almost 'Exile on Main Street' feel about it) or keeping it lithe and supple on tracks like 'Time' and the closing 'Heavy Heart' where the three musicians bring it all back home very impressively indeed. There's a good variety of moods on offer too. 'Midnight Mind' is broadly a 'Roots' album, but it's open-minded to dally with folk-blues, pop and the occasional bout of Rock'n'Roll swagger, not to mention a couple of solo piano ballad affairs courtesy of the restless 'Someonewherelse' (sic) and the desolate 'Brother'. If I've one small criticism it's that the record is a little too prone to medium-pace tempos. The occasional fiery burst of speed would be good, but this is hardly a hanging matter considering the wealth of great tunes on display. Katie Knipp, then, is quite a discovery. Her 'Midnight Mind' is a cool, intelligent record full of emotive songs which does plenty to separate itself from the run of the mill singer/songwriter brigade. Let's hope this is merely the first of many from her.

Sacramento Indie Music Examiner

(Full Article)Rocking Sacramento One Piano At A Time: Katie Knipp Sacramento Indie Music Examiner rates this: 5 Stars! "Katie Knipp is a singer/songwriter from Sacramento who has just released her third album, "Midnight Mind" (For sale on CDBaby and iTunes, as well as local Sacramento record store) She is hosting a CD Release event on March 20 in Berkeley at Blake's on Telegraph and has a number of performances upcoming in the Sacramento area. Her bluesy vocals and impassioned piano playing make for a strong combination, and her raw talent and exuberance for music make songs such as "Get In My Life" (from the new album) and "Violent In Here" (on the earlier album of the same title) truly rocking originals, with a voice from the gut, resonant with singers like Janis Joplin and Maria Muldaur. She is a multi-instrumentalist, with guitar, piano, dobro and harmonica all making appearances on her albums and her live shows. Playing dates all around the greater Sacramento area, with upcoming gigs at Luna's on March 13th and Vintner's Winery in Rancho Cordova on March 27th, Katie Knipp is a singer to not miss! A graduate of Cal State Hayward, she has been performing all of her life, including opening for bands including The Doobie Brothers and Tommy Castro, and has made vocal music her life, bringing a flair for excellence into the studio that shows in her wonderful recordings, a talent that has landed her awards such as the 2005 and 2006 North Bay Bohemian naming her the "Best Band in Marin County" and rave reviews from Going Out and Pacific Sun Magazine. Katie Knipp writes about her life, and also takes inspiration from fictional characters, such as the Charlize Theron character in the film "Monster." She asserts that “Writing from this space opens up a lot more doors than just focusing on my own life." and, like other singers who delve into characters, such as Tori Amos, Katie makes effective use of her imagination and talent to make original, hard-driving and intensely listen-able music, singing from her soul." -Matthew Wright

Altcountry Forum, The Netherlands

(Full article, translated from Dutch) "Again a beautiful woman with a guitar or piano, which tries make carriëre as a singer? Katie Knipp sing not only wonderfully, but are also talented as singer-songwriter. With its raw voice Knipp have meanwhile brought out three cd: Take Her down ones and Violent in Her (both originating from 2005) and the new album Midnight Mind. Katie accompany themselves on guitar, piano, dobro and harmonica. Nathan Hoehner (bass guitar) and Andrew Griffin (drums) make the band complete. The cd contains mostly blood-curdling ballads with balls. Its soulful voice ensure that you if auditor from your armchair is blown if she does its strot open. If it now the quiet piano song Eyes Like Birds are or the dirtyblues in Get in My life (with violent playing Knipp on dobro), she continues intrigue during the whole album with her lived through voice. Fuming blues songs are varied with sultry songs. Midnight persuade Mind on all fronts and give up its beauty already directly after the first lustre turn. The tasteful instrumentation contributes certainly to the quality of this cd. Of course its voice is the strongest weapon, of which your kippenvel on your poor gets if she will sing. The environment on the album has been kept extremely dark and obscurity. Folk music, blues, rock or jazz, the cd Midnight Mind have it all. It proves that Katie Knipp directions still can go a lot of on at writing new work."

New Album "Take it With You" Now Available!

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